11 Dec 2017 Within seconds of bitcoin futures launching, spot price began instantly and very quickly moving up, rising to a high of $16,300 from around $14,600, up almost $2,000. Expected volatility followed, with bitcoin's spot price falling by $1,300 within five minutes, before jumping up and down again to settle at a

Description. This is a skill used to get data about the Ethereum blockchain. You can ask it about the price of ether, the size of the blockchain, and about mining difficulty. Perfect for checking on Ethereum throughout the day. More features coming soon! btm eth

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In addition to the stats page, we will have a status page at (no link as the site is not live yet) which will gives a concise overview of any issue that might be affecting Frontier. Use it as your first port of call if you think something might not be right. +. Finally, if any of the clients receive an invalid block,

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Ethereum reference links. December 18, 2016. 0. 3220. 0. Ethereum · seandotau. Here is a neat site with lots of Ethereum related links: -eth-pow-pos-ethash. Replicated here in case that link breaks. ethereum bot

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Interesting stats from today's Ethereum core dev meeting: Peak concurrent viewers: 2071 Playbacks: 18189 Avg session length (minutes): 10.75. 9:15 AM - 30 Jun 2017. 4 Retweets; 34 Likes; Lisbeth Salander MrYukonC Stephan Tual Noel Maersk John Westbrook Andrew Jones Simon de la Rouviere Mero