12 Nov 2016 We have succesfully transitioned from the Ruins of Elune'eth into the Crimson Thicket, not only establishing a temporary headquarters there but also discovering an old leyline that gave insight to further facilities of interest within Suramar. We will discover them soon. Moon Guard Stronghold awaits. Day 4-7.

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Unlocking Flying: Explorer - WoW

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1 Feb 2017 Ambervale - 30.4 ; 42.3; Falanaar - 19.5 ; 45.2; The Grand Pomenade - 47.3 ; 50.4; Moon Guard Stronghold - 38.1 ; 22.9; Ruins of Elun'eth - 37.0 ; 45.9; Tel'anor - 42.2 ; 35.5; Crimson Thicket - 64.0 ; 42.0; Felsoul Hold - 34.3 ; 74.8; Jandvik - 71.5 ; 51.1; Moonwhisper Gulch - 34.9 ; 31.0; Suramar City - 46.1 ; 

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Elune is the major deity worshipped by the night elves. She is associated with the larger of Azeroth's two moons, the White Lady, and is the mother of Cenarius. In tauren mythology, she is known as Mu'sha, and is the left eye of the Earthmother. Elune is one of the few true deities in the world, and the most powerful Eternal.

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Where is Ruins of Elune'eth Portal Location Suramar WoW. This is Ruins of Elune'eth portal location video in Suramar Legion World of Warcraft. Ruins of Elune'eth teleport located at 36.2, 47.1 coordinates. Ruins of By admin · 2016-07-20. Trend. FARONAAR IN RUIN - Azsuna - World of Warcraft. Video.

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