11 Jul 2017 It hopes to accelerate growth by building more applications on top of its basic storage offering (probably similar to Google Docs and Slack). Using Dropbox Paper. Dropbox. To capitalize on its leadership role in the cloud storage market, Dropbox will probably move into an initial public offering this year.

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19 Jul 2017 To start, we are offering a 300,000 siacoin integration bounty for Minio, a popular project in the storage space. Based on today's All Sia-related discussion should take place here or on our Slack, with nontechnical discussion at #bounties and technical discussion at #app-dev. If you have questions for 

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Decentralized storage wars. Storj v Sia v Filecoin v Maidsafe

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If you want to hold long term, for me it comes down to a handful. Ethereum; Ethereum Classic; Bitcoin; Litecoin; AntShares. AntShares is basically the Chinese version of ethereum, I highly recommend taking a look what they are doing. I've recently set up a slack channel for the crypto community - Join BlockMastery here.

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19 Sep 2017 One thing that Discord does not do as well as Slack is Channels but we will be building optional channels based on a workaround bot we have observed from Siacoin. Use this link to sign up to Ubiq Discord: In the Ubiq Discord #guests channel, set a profile picture, mention 

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SIA Coin esas olarak insanların bilgisayarlarında boş alanları değerlendirmesi üzerine kurulu bir sistem kurmuş. Şu anda SIA coin için disk paylaşımını evlerinde bu işi yapacaklar için pek önermiyorum, ama Download ve Upload hızı yüksek, kesintisiz bir . Özellikle Slack özelden çok soran oluyordu.

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